What are the Essential Languages Used in Front End Web Development?

No matter where you are, any device you have, laptops or phones, we are always connected to the Internet. Our digital existence renders websites as strong marketing tools. The front end part of the website is where you interact. The task working with the user facing side is what each use will see and is handled by front end developer. His job is to transform the graphic design model and code it to the front end so that it can be seen by the user. Following are the essential languages that are used in front end website developer Singapore.

  1. HTML

HTML helps in defining the content of web pages. It lets a front end developer to format the page content and control the structure as well. It is flexible because the basics are the easiest to learn. The latest version of this language is HTML 5.

  1. CSS

Or Cascading Style Sheets are responsible for the actual look of a website. HTML is responsible for what is presented and CSS is responsible for the way in which it is presented.

  1. JavaScript

The toughest and most advanced of all and is responsible for building interactive elements on a websites like pop ups, sliders, and drop down menus. It has no relation to Java and JavaScript introduces the concept and levels of sophistication that is not possible with HTML.

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